Unlocking Excitement: Refer & Earn on Team11

Refer & Earn has never been so interesting unless now as Team11 has unleashed the most exciting version of it. Refer & Earn is one of the most commonly implemented campaigns that is run by the majority of companies for the increment of their users. Typically, refer-and-earn consists of two factors :

Referrer: The one who shares a unique code with his or her friends, families, and circles, by which he/she gains some value.
Referee: The one who gets enrolled with the code provided by the referrer

This is what it has been running till now, but Team11 steps just right here to break the stereotypes of Refer & Earn and to make it even more interesting and thrilling than ever.

Refer & Win in Team 11

Here are the procedures for Refer & Win in Team 11 that can be explained with the provided points:

  • You need to be a user of Team 11 at first, or simply download Team 11 from the official website.
  • The next step is to register for Team 11 and click on more.
  • Now share your unique code with your friends.

The steps here are just the entry gate before reaching something grand and something that has never been conducted before.

So What next?

Now, after referring Team11 to your friends and colleagues, you are now part of the Daily Leaderboard Campaign which is accumulated every week.

The Weekly Leaderboard Challenge

One of the most exciting aspects of Refer & Earn in Team11 is the weekly leaderboard challenge. Here's how it works:

Accumulation of Points: Users are encouraged to refer their friends to join the app. Every successful referral is counted on a daily basis. The more friends you refer, the more points you accumulate.

Weekly Leaderboard: Team11 keeps track of the number of referrals made by the users throughout the week. These numbers are displayed on a leaderboard, creating a sense of competition among users.

Weekly Rewards: At the end of each week, the leaderboard is finalized, and the top performers are rewarded. In this case, the rewards are quite enticing.

What are the rewards for Users?

1st Place: The user with the highest number of referrals for the week receives a grand prize of 5000.
Note: The winner shall receive 3000 C.P. as a Deposit Bonus and 2000 C.P. as a Cash Bonus.

2nd Place: The second-highest referrer is awarded a stylish Neck Band.

3rd Place: The third position on the leaderboard is not left empty-handed and receives a prize of 1500.
 Note: The winner shall receive 1000 C.P. as a Deposit Bonus and 500 C.P. as a Cash Bonus.

The Thrill of Competition

The weekly leaderboard challenge adds a new dimension to the fantasy sports experience. It's not just about making smart team selections; it's also about being an effective advocate for the app. Users become enthusiastic participants in the referral program, strategizing on how to outdo their friends and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

Refer & Win: The more you refer, the more you earn: The more you earn, the more chances you have of winning whooping prizes and rewards.
Start referring Team11 to your friends.


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