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Downloading the Team11 App is Very Easy!

For Android users, online fantasy sports are offered as apk. Here’s how to download & install it.


1. Download Team11 App

Open Team11 website & click on “Download for Android” button


2. Allow For Source

Click “Allow for this Source” when prompted.


3. Install App

Open Team11 website & click on “Download for Android” button

Play Fantasy Cricket on Team11 Nepal & Win Big!

Enjoy Fantasy Games With a Real-Like Gaming Experience.

Join the thrilling world of fantasy sports, a strategy-based online game where you can put together a fictitious team of real players to take part in actual matches.

Select a Match

Choose an upcoming match from your favorite sport.

Create Team

Create your own team with the best players using your knowledge and skills.

Join Contest

From a wide range of contests choose the one you want to join.


Get the Team 11 app Now and Win.

Do you want to play fantasy league but can't find the ideal platform, don't worry—Team 11 is the option we've offered for sports enthusiasts.

Popular Fantasy Sports in Nepal

Fantasy sports is an online gaming site that allows users to create virtual teams of actual players. Team 11 Nepal gives you the ultimate fantasy game with a new experience that takes sports enthusiasts to a different dimension of the gaming world

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