Team 11 FIFA World Cup and Fantasy League game in Nepal

The World Cup has always been the biggest celebration that visits us every four years. This epic and revolutionary tournament was started in 1930, and now we all clearly know what it is. It’s the biggest dream of every player, every country, and every supporter to type their country’s name with a golden letter in its official trophy. The World Cup has never been like a competition; it’s like the battle of the players and the war of the countries in the playground.

Every year, new technology is showcased at the FIFA World Cup.VAR [Video Assistant Referee], goal-line technology, and other innovations are leaving their imprint on the game of football. The introduction of fantasy sports in sports is one example of thinking outside the box. Fantasy sports have been very popular for a while, and they are getting a good response among sports enthusiasts.

What are Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports is a type of internet-based entertainment and recreation. In this sport, players’ performance is evaluated across reality. In a very general sense, one person creates an imaginary or virtual team that is composed of intermediaries who are genuine players in a professional sport.

Can we play the Fantasy league in this FIFA World Cup?

Yes, various fantasy apps have already circulated in the market, and for the first time, the country of the Himalayas, Nepal, also has its own fantasy app. Team11 is the first fantasy sports app in Nepal where you can be a part of this World Cup with your own team and management at your fingertips. If you want to know more about Team 11, click on this link:

Popular Fantasy Sports in Nepal

Team 11 Nepal gives you the ultimate fantasy game with a new experience that takes sports enthusiasts to a different dimension of the gaming world, especially fantasy cricket and fantasy football.

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Cricket is an online, strategy-based sports game where you create a virtual team of real cricketers playing in real matches around the world. You earn points based on the performances of these players in real matches.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is a game that allows you to be the owner, general manager, and coach of your very own football team. Add up all the points, and the team with the most at the end of the game week is the winner.

How can we play Fantasy Football Matches on Team11 Nepal?

  • Select a Match
  1. Click the “football” option on the home screen and see the list of upcoming football matches.
  2. Choose the contest you prefer to play.
  3. Go to a “cash contest” for the paid game and create your team.
  •  Create your Team
  1. Choose 11 players from the following combinations to form your squad of 11.

             Choose players from all 4 of the following categories for your team 11:

GK –    Goalkeeper                

DEF –  Defender                             

MID –   Midfielder

ST –     Striker

  • Select your team11 team’s Captain & Vice Captain
  1. Select a team captain and vice-captain after forming your team 11 squad.
  2. The points he scored during the actual game are doubled for captains and 1.5 times for vice-captains, as he did throughout the real contest.
  3. If you’ve already created your team, you may click your preferred contest list, and you should click the join contest.
  4. You can choose multiple contests among the given category. 
  • Creating multiple teams
  1. Each match allows you to create up to 6 teams, and you may choose to compete with any of those teams!
  2. Click on ‘CREATE TEAM’ to create the next team.

Note: There will be a certain contest where you can only join a single team.

  • How to manage my team?
  • You may change your team 11 as many times as you’d like up until the deadline of that match!
  • Maintain your session updated at all times, and be sure to keep track of which of your players are participating in the game.           

If you’re new to fantasy games and need to practice, you may choose the practice contest for free.

Is the FIFA world cup 2022 fantasy league legal in Nepal?

Fantasy leagues are a relatively new concept in Nepal; however, new companies are being established to organize fantasy leagues.Team11 Nepal takes an appropriate stance in organizing Nepal’s first fantasy football app. People can register and enter the world of fantasy through this app, and they can even win exciting bonuses and offers.

Most people believe that fantasy leagues are actually money-wasting leagues. However, if we think about it in a deeper sense, it has no relation to any of it as it is a pure skill-based competition where people can join various contests with their teams. The concept is very clear: the one with the most points wins. Simply, we can call fantasy leagues a skill-based platform.

Who can play in the FIFA world cup 2022 fantasy league? 

Fantasy leagues are skill-based sports. Sports enthusiasts are the primary users or groups interested in participating in fantasy sports leagues. However, those who haven’t crossed the age of 18 are recommended not to be part of these leagues. Statistics have shown that males are mainly more interested in joining the fantasy league as compared to females, although females are becoming more interested nowadays. Finally, anyone can participate in the FIFA World Cup fantasy league.

The greatest event in the field of football is about to mark the hearts of billions of fans around the globe. Yes! The World Cup is quickly approaching, and fantasy sports leagues are becoming increasingly popular. Various apps are being built, and many fantasy-playing apps like Dream11, MyTeam11, and Team11 Nepal are actively working on publishing these games through their apps. If you are from Nepal, you can enter the world of fantasy through Team 11 and enjoy these world cups as if they were happening in real life.