Qatar world cup 2022 fixtures

The 22nd FIFA world cup is all set to thunder around the hearts of millions of fans enthusiastically holding up for their chosen group to lift the cup and make their nation type in the title with golden letters within the history of football. The fans will finally roar and cheer for their team from the 20th of November to the final on the 18th of December playing in the new and lavish stadium made recently in Qatar. With this, Qatar became the first Arab country to host the tournament. This year’s competition will be interesting to watch and intense too as the team division is also quite spicy in itself. Rumors or whispers are echoing that Group E is supposed to be the group of death as it associates with the two gigantic contenders i.e Germany and Spain. However, every game will be overwhelming and thrilling to watch.

The time frame has been shifted to November-December from June-July as of the climatic status of the host country Qatar. Every country wished to lift the cup however the qualifying round is the entry gate to the world cup. As a matter of interest, shockingly this year too four times world cup champions Italy is not part of this tournament for the second consecutive time despite being the reigning Euro Cup Champions. Similarly, countries like Egypt, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Iceland, and Sweden who were the part of 2018 WorldCup have also failed to qualify this time. Altogether 32 teams have been qualified for the game with great devotion and dedication to lifting their cup. This tournament will also be interesting to watch as it is reportedly rumored to be the last world cup of two very greatest legends of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Other legends like Robert Lewandoski, Luka Modric, Luis Suarez, Manuel Neuer, and Edison Cavani might also play for the last time which is however not confirmed. The squad is all set to dive inside the game and make some remarkable moments and cherish the happiness, Joys, and some sort of Sorrows all around the hearts of billions.

The World cup has continuously been a nail-biting competition full of thrills and momentums. This year’s world cup will be exceptionally cherished to observe and everybody could be holding up to see the ultimate coordination to be conducted at Lusail Iconic Stadium. Not only the 80 thousand individuals inside the stadium will experience the most prominent finale, but Billions of individuals will also be breathing profoundly to yell, thunder, and cheer on that day. Whom do you wish to see in the final? Which team are you supporting in this tournament??

Teams and Qualifications

Every team that aligns with the rules of FIFA is eligible to play in the qualifications round and through that they can secure their position in playing the largest tournament of all that is the FIFA World Cup. Till now from the six continents all together 211 teams fulfilled the criteria to go through the qualifications round. The way how teams are qualified is mentioned below-

  • The host country will automatically qualify for the tournament. This year Qatar being the one to host will be also participating in the tournament.
  • Each country, and member of the FIFA Association has to first play around their own continent, and the winners from the respective continent alongside some following countries in the list qualify to play in the World Cup.
  • A total of 32 teams qualified for the tournament out of which 13 teams are from Europe, Six are from Asia,Five are from Africa, and four each from North America and South America respectively.
ContinentCountries playing
AsiaQatar, Iran, South Korea, Japan, and Saudi Arabia
AfricaGhana, Senegal, Tunisia, Cameroon, and Morocco 
North AmericaCanada, USA, Mexico and Costa Rica
South AmericaBrazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Ecuador
EuropeGermany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, England, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Wales, and Poland.

Venues and Capacity 

CityName of StadiumCapacity
LusailLusail Iconic Stadium80000
Al KhorAl Bayt Stadium60000

Stadium 97440000
Al Thumama Stadium40000

Al Rayyan
Khalifa International Stadium45416
Education City Stadium45350
Ahmad bin Ali Stadium44740
Al WakrahAl Janoub Stadium40000

Matches and Schedules

Match NoTeamsGroupNepali DateEnglish DateNepali Time Local Time
Match 1Qatar vs. EcuadorGroup A4th Mangsir20th Nov9:45 pm19:00
Match 2Senegal vs. NetherlandsGroup A5th Mangsir21st Nov9:45 pm19:00
Match 3England vs. IR IranGroup B5th Mangsir21st Nov6:45 pm16:00
Match 4USA vs. WalesGroup B5th Mangsir21st Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 5France vs. AustraliaGroup D6th Mangsir23rd Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 6Denmark vs TunisiaGroup A6th Mangsir22nd Nov6:45 PM16:00
Match 7Mexico vs. PolandGroup B6th Mangsir22nd Nov9:45 pm19:00
Match 8Argentina vs. Saudi ArabiaGroup B6th Mangsir22nd Nov3:45 pm13:00
Match 9Belgium vs. CanadaGroup F7th Mangsir24th Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 10Spain vs. CostaricaGroup E7th Mangsir23rd Nov9:45 pm19:00
Match 11Germany vs. JapanGroup E7th Mangsir23rd Nov6:45 pm16:00
Match 12Morocco vs. CroatiaGroup F7th Mangsir23rd Nov3:45 pm13:00
Match 13Switzerland vs. CameroonGroup G8th Mangsir24th Nov3:45 pm13:00
Match 14Uruguay vs. Korea RepublicGroup H8th Mangsir24th Nov6:45 pm16:00
Match 15Portugal vs. GhanaGroup H8th Mangsir24th Nov9:45 pm19:00
Match 16Brazil vs. SerbiaGroup G8th Mangsir25th Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 17Wales vs. IR IranGroup B9th Mangsir25th Nov3:45 pm13:00
Match 18Qatar vs. SenegalGroup A9th Mangsir25th Nov6:45 pm16:00
Match 19Netherlands vs. EcuadorGroup A9th Mangsir25th Nov9:45 pm    19:00
Match 20England vs. USAGroup B9th Mangsir26th Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 21Tunisia vs. AustraliaGroup D10th Mangsir26th Nov3:45 pm    13:00
Match 22Poland vs. Saudi ArabiaGroup C10th Mangsir26th Nov6:45 pm16:00
Match 23France vs. DenmarkGroup D10th Mangsir26th Nov9:45 pm19:00
Match 24Argentina vs. MexicoGroup C10th Mangsir26th Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 25Japan vs. CostaricaGroup E11th Mangsir27th Nov3:45 pm13:00
Match 26Belgium vs. MoroccoGroup F11th Mangsir27th Nov6:45 pm16:00
Match 27Croatia vs. CanadaGroup F11th Mangsir27th Nov9:45 pm19:00
Match 28Spain vs. GermanyGroup E11th Mangsir28th Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 29Cameroon vs. SerbiaGroup G12th Mangsir28th Nov3:45 pm13:00
Match 30Korea Republic vs. GhanaGroup H12th Mangsir28th Nov6:45 pm16:00
Match 31Brazil vs. SwitzerlandGroup G12th Mangsir28th Nov9:45 pm19:00
Match 32Portugal vs. UruguayGroup H12th Mangsir29th Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 33Wales vs. EnglandGroup B13th Mangsir30th Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 34IR Iran vs. USAGroup B13th Mangsir30th Nov12:45 am22:00
Match 35Ecuador vs. SenegalGroup A13th Mangsir29th Nov8:45 pm18:00
Match 36Netherlands vs. QatarGroup A13th Mangsir29th Nov8:45 pm18:00
Match 37Australia vs. DenmarkGroup D14th Mangsir30th Nov8:45 pm18:00
Match 38Tunisia vs. FranceGroup D14th Mangsir30th Nov8:45 pm18:00
Match 39Poland vs. ArgentinaGroup C   14th Mangsir1st Dec12:45 am22:00
Match 40Saudi Arabia vs. MexicoGroup C14th Mangsir1st Dec12:45 am22:00
Match 41Croatia vs. BelgiumGroup F15th Mangsir1st Dec8:45 pm18:00
Match 42Canada vs. MoroccoGroup F15th Mangsir1st Dec8:45 pm18:00
Match 43Japan vs. SpainGroup E15th Mangsir2nd Dec12:45 am22:00
Match 44Costarica vs. GermanyGroup E15th Mangsir2nd Dec12:45 am22:00
Match 45Ghana vs. UruguayGroup H16th Mangsir2nd Dec8:45 pm18:00
Match 46Korea Republic vs. PortugalGroup H16th Mangsir2nd Dec8:45 pm18:00
Match 47Serbia vs. SwitzerlandGroup G16th Mangsir2nd Dec12:45 am22:00
Match 48Cameroon vs. BrazilGroup G16th Mangsir2nd Dec12:45 am22:00

FIFA World Cup 2022 Round of 16 Matches in Nepali Time

Match noTeamsDateNepali Time
Match 49Winners Group A vs Runners-up Group BMangsir 178:45 pm
Match 50Winners Group C vs Runners-up Group DMangsir 1712:45 am
Match 51Winners Group E vs Runners-up Group FMangsir 1812:45 am
Match 52Winners Group G vs Runners-up Group HMangsir 188:45 pm
Match 53Winners Group B vs Runners-up Group AMangsir 198:45 pm
Match 54Winners Group D vs Runners-up Group CMangsir 1912:45 am
Match 55Winners Group F vs Runners-up Group EMangsir 208:45 pm
Match 56Winners Group H vs Runners-up Group GMangsir 208:45 pm

FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter Final Matches in Nepali Time

Match NoTeams DateNepali Time
Match 57Winners Match 49 vs Winners Match 50Mangsir 23(10th Dec)12:45 am
Match 58Winners Match 53 vs Winners Match 54Mangsir 238:45 pm
Match 59Winners Match 51 vs Winners Match 52Mangsir 24(11th Dec)12:45 pm
Match 60Winners Match 55 vs Winners Match 56Mangsir 248:45 pm

FIFA World Cup 2022 Semi-Final Matches in Nepali Time

Match NoTeamsDateNepali Time
Match 61Winners Match 57 vs Winners Match 58Mangsir 27(14th Dec)12:45 am
Match 62Winners Match 59 vs Winners Match 60Mangsir 28(15th Dec)12:45 am

The ultimate final game of FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar

Match noTeamsNepali DateEnglish DateNepali TimeLocal TimeVenue
Match 63Winners Match 61 vs Winners Match 62Poush 3rd18th Dec8:45 pm18:00Lusail

Branding and Promotions

World Cup Song

The arrival of the world cup doesn’t feel that much until we listen to the official song for the world cup itself. These songs add even more to the excitement of waiting for the game to be played between our favorite groups.

This year’s album comprises three Songs on the official note. The first one is `Hayya Hayya (Better Together)` which Trinidad Cardona, Davido, and Aisha have performed. This song was released on 1st April 2022 along with the music video.

`Arhbo` performed by Gims and Ozuna is the second song in the album which was released on the 19th of August 2022.

The third one `Light The Sky` is performed by Nora Fatehi, Manal, Rahma Riad, and Balquees, composed by Red One. This song was released on the 7th of October with a music video too.

World Cup Ball/Match Ball

This year the official ball for the tournament is `Al Rihla` which means `The Journey` in Arabic. The ball was unveiled on the 30th of March,2022. Interestingly this is the first-ever official match ball that is actually made of water-based glues and ink.


Mascots are unique characters that are set for events. This system was actually started in the 1966 World Cup with the name of `World Cup Willie. After then every world cup started to have mascots.

This year Mascot is known as `La’eeb` which means Super Skilled Player in Arabic.

Some Interesting Facts about FIFA World Cup 2022

  1. Qatar is the first Arab country to host the tournament and also the second in Asia to do so. Before this, the tournament was hosted by Japan and South Korea in 2002.
  2. Qatar is also among those countries hosting the tournament with a very less number of Stadiums which is only 8. Before this Argentina had also hosted the game with only six stadiums back in 1978.
  3. Stadiums of Qatar become the first in the history of the world cup to give a fully air-conditioned facility. As the temperature in Qatar is comparably high so all the stadiums are managed as Fully Air-Conditioned with an astonishing view of the game.
  4. This world cup is also the most expensive tournament hosted by any country before. Qatar becomes the first country to spend a whopping $200 Billion for the preparation of the tournament.