IPL Jersey in Nepal: G-Sports

IPL: The most-awaited professional cricket sporting game has just whetted its massive appetite throughout the world. Each and every match is worth watching, and we get more excited and thrilling as the matches are played.

As a surprising fact,you know this or not, but with the inauguration of Nepal’s first fantasy app, Team11, you can enjoy this massive tournament from the fantasy point of view. Hence, Team11 this time will be providing an exciting atmosphere for all the fantasy lovers, not only for this tournament but for every cricket and football match circulating around the world.

What is special about IPL from Team11?

Team11, especially for this IPL, has brought massive rewards, offers,offers and giveaways for the users interested in playing fantasy sports in Nepal.

G-Sports, one of the most trusted and reliable sports accessory selling ventures, has collaborated with Team11 to make amazing sports giveaways for the users. For this IPL,G-Sports and Team11 have held each other’s hands and decided to provide the customized IPL jerseys for all the fantasy cricket lovers.

Hey Wait !! The offer is not done here. We have something even more exciting for you.

The mind-blowing offer is that all Team11 users who are interested in buying IPL jerseys in Nepal can now get the most trusted and reliable platform in Nepal. Yes, you can get a chance to not only watch the IPL, but also be able to wear the jersey of your choice.

Note: By providing your Team11 ID,you can get a flat 15% discount on your purchase.

For more detail and information ,you can visit the official Facebook page of G-Sports and get customized jersey in your door steps.Use the discount offer now and enjoy this IPL from the Fantasy perspective.

So this IPL: Play with Team11 and Cheer with G-Sports.