Germany Vs. Japan

It was worth watching the match. The game begins with the ball in the center line and the kick which relieves all the supporters and fans. The kick-off was adding an extra thrill to the match with every passing second. The ball was being passed from one player to another one as a result audience was driven crazy and the craze was hitting a different level. Both teams’ fans were yelling loudly so that their team could register its victory, after all, it was the world cup game.

First Half

The first half is the one that boosts the motivation among the player’s spirit as we know that first impressions are lasting impressions in football, although we tend to think that the second half is the decisive moment. With all the amazing passes, tackles, and moves the game was so interesting but in 33 minutes, Ilkay Gundagoan gives one lead to Germany. The game then was taking different turns and the first half ended with a score of 1-0.

Second Half

 As soon as the Second Half started, The game was different and the German team started to dominate the game. But the underdog team Japan played amazingly in the second half. The goal of Ritsu Doan in 73 minutes gives a boost to the Japanese team and the score was 1-1. lead  Both teams were performing their best but their shots couldn’t be transferred to the goal. And finally, at 83 Minutes with all the efforts and Fabulous play, with the goal from the Japanese side, the game ended with the final score of 1-2. The goal of Takuma Asano gives the lead to the Japanese team and was successful to register their win.


The match seemed very normal at the beginning but with minutes passing some foul play was seen. A total of 14 fouls were seen from Japan’s side and 6 fouls were seen from the German side.


Both of the teams register 4-4 off sides respectively.

Shots on Target

Germany managed to hit 9 shots on target whereas Japan also was able to hit 4 shots on target. However, both teams failed to score a goal as result the game ended in a tie.


Both teams get to hit 6-6 corners respectively.