Everything about the countries participating for FIFA World Cup 2022

First started in the year 1960, the International Federation Of Association football(FIFA) has reached its 22nd year. Qatar is hosting the world cup 2022 which will be the first world cup ever held in the Arab land. The world cup will be played in a timeframe of around 29 days from 20 November to 18 December 2022. Here, 32 teams from 5 confederations will be competing and the cup will be bagged by the team which will make it to the final.

Which countries are qualified for FIFA World Cup 2022? Entire schedule revealed

Teams from 32 different countries have grabbed their spot after qualifying for the world cup 2022. Retaining their winning achievements from games, countries including Germany, Argentina, Brazil, France, Spain, England, and the first world cup winner Uruguay are qualified for World cup 2022.

Moreover, the Hosting country, Qatar has also qualified for the first time in the world cup.  Quarterfinal winners of previous matches: Denmark, Switzerland, Ghana, Senegal, Cameroon, Mexico, wales, and costa Rica have also qualified successfully.

Croatia and Netherlands have also successfully qualified after becoming Runners-up in their past matches. Countries like Belgium, Serbia, South Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Ecuador, Canada, Poland, Portugal, Tunisia, Morocco, USA, and Australia have also grabbed their qualification in the world cup 2022.

Which country has the best football player in the world?

We cannot deny the fact that everyone has their own best & favorite player as well as a team of their choice but looking into the past records and achievements, Brazil is in the first place as per the football player production index. However, Lionel Messi (PSG& Argentina) with 769 goals is considered the No.1 player at the present time as per the website howzat.com.

Discussion regarding who is the best among many amazing players has always been the topic of debate. But, the concern has been narrowed after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi became the first pair to score 100 goals in Champions League history.

Off-topic, the discussion regarding the best player, who does best in their particular field can make their place in viewers’ hearts and will always be remembered by the world.

FIFA world cup prediction – Football winners of the world cup

Brazil, the five-time world cup champion has become a hot topic of discussion in the FIFA world cup 2022. It is also the most successful national team in the major international tournament due to which most prediction of winning the world cup 2022 is also in its favor.

Germany and Italy won four times each, Argentina, France, and Uruguay each won twice as well as England and Spain which have each won the world cup once, are also predicted to win the FIFA world cup 2022.

As the future is uncertain, the country qualified for the world cup and performing the best can beat the remaining contender.

How can we watch the FIFA World cup in Nepal?

As the Media Hub has acquired all the rights to broadcast the FIFA world cup 2022 in Nepal, only those who are licensed by the media hub will be permitted to telecast the matches. Sadly, the world cup viewers in Nepal will have to bear an additional fee of Rs.500 (before tax) on top of their TV subscription charge. So, in regard to this decision supreme court has ordered against taking extra charge for the FIFA world cup 2022.

We can conclude that by any chance the media hub’s legal issue is resolved pre-world, the company can finalize its preparation. Then, upcoming football matches will be broadcasted via Himalayan TV HD in Nepal. Besides this charge itself, it can be frustrating for viewers that they cannot watch it on their mobile app thus making it the most expensive FIFA world cup for Nepalese viewers.

Is Nepal selected for FIFA world cup 2022?

With the strong determination and aim of qualifying for the FIFA World Cup, the team of the All Nepal Football Association participated FIFA World Cup 2022 qualification. Unfortunately, Nepal could not qualify for the World Cup 2022 where they had to face strong countries like Australia, Kuwait, Jordan, and so on.

Looking back to the past records, it’s dismal for everyone that Nepal has never been able to qualify for FIFA World Cup. Despite being the team of a developing nation, the Nepalese team is ranked 175 as of 6 October 2022 in the FIFA ranking.

Nepalese supporters and viewers are proud of the hardworking and struggle which is being done by the Nepalese team.

It is the dream of every Nepalese to see the national team in the world cup and are expecting that their dream will change into reality one day for sure.