Daily Leaderboards Campaign on Team11

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New On Team11

Fantasy sports in Nepal is not a new concept yet bringing it to live on the app is a massive transition for a developing country like Nepal.Team11 this time brings a special leaderboard campaign for IPL 2023 where the winner of the campaign will be getting a chance to win giveaways worth 10 Lakh. We hope this campaign will add a layer of excitement and competition to the user experience.

The Daily Leader board campaign typically features a prize pool, which is divided among the top-performing users. 

How to Participate?

To participate in a Daily Leader board campaign, users must first select a contest from the available options in the app. They must then draft a team of players, who will earn points based on their performance in real-life games. The app will update the leaderboard in real-time, so users can track their progress and see how they stack up against the competition.

The Daily Leader board campaign adds an element of excitement to the fantasy sports experience, as users have a chance to win prizes and compete against other users. It also encourages users to stay engaged with the app daily, as they must continually adjust their team to maximize their chances of earning points.

If you’re a fan of fantasy sports, consider downloading an app and giving it a try. Who knows? You may just end up on the top of the leaderboard and take home a prize!