Christmas and New year Offer Combo

When it comes to bringing incredible rewards and offers for all of its super special clients, Team11 never disappoints. We are pleased to say that we offer our clients one-of-a-kind offers at all times. We hope our customers and clients have also always cherished our offers for them. Team11 now includes something never before seen within the Team11 app. Are you energized? Want to urge even more excited and flabbergasted within the World of Fantasy with us? At that point let’s discuss more what we are talking about.

We are here with unique packages offered for you where you can get amazing entries to the world of fantasy. Our packages look like this;

  • Bronze package:

This package highlights the “Small Bomb, Big Explosion” vibes, where you can get to play the contest worth Rs. 3525 with just the investment of Rs. 1999. This means there are flat savings of Rs. 1526. Yes, you heard that right; this is like the biggest savings of the year within a few investments.

The following table can state these packages more conveniently: 

Bronze19997 Days25(44 Contest)Rs. 3525Rs.1526
25 ( 97 Contest)
  • Silver package:

Silver Packages provide you with auspicious vibes and the opportunity to multiply your winnings by obtaining a unique space in the contest. You can access a limited number of contests here, but because your validity date varies, you can access those contests for longer periods of time, giving you enough time to use the contests.

With an investment of Rs. 4999, you can participate in a contest worth Rs. 9045 and receive a bogus bonus of Rs. 4046. The following slab can be an easy medium for us to know more about the Silver Package.

Silver499920 Days45(44 Contest)Rs. 9045Rs.4046
45 ( 97 Contest)
9 (300 Contest)
  • Gold Package:

With its larger space and longer validity, this gleaming yellow package propels you toward the amazing contest. This means simply that you are in the pool of contests where you can play various contests and fill your pool with the winning points. Simply save up to Rs. 8691 when you are in the world of this package.

Let’s discuss more this package after all it’s the GOLD. The following table can state more about this:

Gold999930 Days90(44 Contest)Rs.18690Rs.8691
90 ( 97 Contest)
20 (300 Contest)
  • Platinum Package: 

Are you ready to experience the opulence of Platinum? Platinum is extremely resistant to tarnishing and corrosion, and our platinum package is no exception. Get access to more contests than you’ve ever done before so that you can boost your chances of winning.

Simply a maximum number of entries increases the maximum chances of winnings.

Platinum1799945 Days100(44 Contest)Rs.23730Rs. 5731
100( 97 Contest)
30 (121 Contest)
20 (300 Contest)

What will you get access to in a general sense?

  • In Bronze Package:
  1. You can participate in the 44 Contest in Team 11 up to 25 times. 
  2. You can also participate in 97 contests at the same time. 

Note: This Package has a validity date of 7 days so which you have to join the contest within the provided deadline.

  • In Silver Package:
  1. Dive into contests worth 44 for 45 times.
  2. Join into 97 Contest for the 45 times too.
  3. For a change, You can also join 9 contests worth 300.

Note: This Package has a validity date of 20 days so which you have to join the contest within the provided deadline.

  • In Gold Package:
  1. Get access to join 90 Contests worth 44.
  2. Moreover you can join 90 contests worth 97.
  3. Matter of Interest, You can also get yourself engaged in 20 contests worth 300.

Note: This Package has a validity date of 30 days so which you have to join the contest within the provided deadline.

  • In Platinum Package:
  1. After all it’s our highlighted package so here for the change you can join 30 teams in the contest worth 121.
  2. Similarly, You can have access to 100-44 Contests and 97 Contests.
  3. Not to forget, get yourself lost in the world of 300 contests with a joining space of 20 times.

Note: This Package has a validity date of 45 days so which you have to join the contest within the provided deadline.

Reminder: Joining 1 team is equal to 1 contest.

The following example can be easy to understand what we are trying to convey:

राम जी ले हाम्रो मा भएको “Bronze Package ” Rs. 1999 मा लिनु भयो। अब राम जी संग ७ दिन को समय छ जहाँ राम जी ४४ र ९७  पैसा को Contest जोइन गर्न सक्नु हुन्छ त्यो नि २५ चोटी।  यहाँ येदि राम जी ले सो गर्न लाई normal तरिका मा जोइन गर्नु भएको भए उहा को कुल Rs. 3525 खर्च हुन्थ्यो तर यो package ले उहा ले  Rs.1526 को बचत गर्न सक्नु भयो । Example : आज Nepal vs. India को match चलिरहेको छ अब राम जी ले एउटा team बनाई जोइन गर्नु भयो भने उहा संग अब २४ ओटा कन्टेस्ट बाकी हुनेछ । In Simple : 1 team is equal to 1 contest . यदी रामजी ६ ओटा Team बनाई तेइ match मा जोइन गर्नु हुन्छ भने अब उहा संग २५ ओटा नभैकन अब १९ ओटा मात्र बाकी हुनेछ। 

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Not to disregard that the first 25 buyers can get astounding rewards and giveaways from our side. Keep in mind that this offer is substantial for a limited time. So do not think much, text us and enjoy the rest.