A- Division League 2023

Nepal is a beautiful country filled with boundless happiness among the people. Nepalese people have the habit of being happy and delightful within small circumstances. Something that Nepalese people are fond of is sports, which has an amazing following among the people.

Sports:It’s like a moment of celebration for Nepalese people. No matter what level of sport it is, we have a long tradition of support and great dedication. Football is a massive game for Nepalese, as they never fail to support their side no matter who the opponent is.

Football for Nepalese

Nepal has a different fan base when it comes to witnessing football matches. Whether it is at the local, national, or international level,our support and enthusiasm are never low.

Pioneers of Nepalese Football Revolutions 

Football isn’t our native sport; however, the interest and regard that is built among the Nepalese is like it’s in our blood and it’s ours. Talking about the history of football in Nepal, it was first played during the Rana regime back in 1931. Whenever anyone talks about the pioneers of the football revolution in our county, two names always appear at the top:

  1. Narayan Narasingh Rana
  2. Chandra Jung Thapa

Let’s take a moment to give them huge applause for being the pioneers of the Nepalese Football Revolution.

Football Craze and Tournaments in Nepal

Various tournaments, from ward level to national level, are conducted in Nepal. Among the various tournaments, the A-Division League is one of the most anticipated and highlighted football leagues played in Nepal.

A-Division League

Started back in 1955 to now ,altogether 45 editions of A-Division League have been inaugurated. People gathered in groups and went to Rangasala to witness this amazing tournament played between 14 teams. The whole country witnessed this amazing league with great enthusiasm and mind-blowing interest.

The current 45th edition of Martyr’s Memorial A-Division League 2023 has just started and is already making an impact among the people.

Venue : Dashrath Rangasala ,Kathmandu

Participating Teams

Church Boys United
FC Khumaltar
Friends Club
Himalayan Sherpa Club
Jawalakhel YC
Machhindra F.C.
Manang Marshyangdi Club
Nepal APF Club
Nepal Police Club
New Road Team
Sankata BSC
Satdobato Youth Club
Three Star Club
Tribhuvan Army F.C.

A-Division League in Team11

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